Is this chip distribution any good?

Is this chip distribution any good?

I made this out of some frustration over the lack of a standard way to distribute poker chips when playing amongst friends at home. As well as a lack of standard as to what a poker chip set should include.This is especially frustrating since the variables that should determine its distribution are (afaik) fairly standard and fairly limited.Chips denomination: The colour of chips and its typical corresponding value vary considerably, but it seems that White, Red, Green, Black, and Purple are amongst those that are universally understood as to what they denominate. This is important to me as it ensures that the experience and memory of the chips denomination are transferable. It also makes sense to me that all chips are between 4x to 5x larger than the next smaller denomination. Should there be a $10 chip?Blinds: Going with just three – 1/2, 5/10 and 25/50 as they may be scaled tenfolds up/down easily. For example, 1/2 could be scaled down to 0.10/0.20 or scaled up by 10/20 by scaling the value of the chips tenfold downwards or upwards respectively. Will scaling up/down be too confusing?Common buy ins: 20BB – 100BB is well established.Distribution: I learned that WSOP players start with exactly 30 chips. I wanted to streamline the distribution so that the total number of chips a player receive at the start does not exceed that. Is there a better way to distribute?If this chip distribution is OK, it seems to me that all 500 poker chip sets should come with 100x White, 100x Red, 100x Green, 100x Black (80x would do) and 100x Purple (80x would do). That would allow for up to 10 players to do 100BB buy ins for all of the common blind settings for Texas Hold’em poker.Am I wrong?

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