GGPoker Giving Away $6.5 Million Via Its Leaderboards In January

GGPoker Giving Away $6.5 Million Via Its Leaderboards In January

January 16 2021
Matthew Pitt

Head over to GGPoker if you love chasing down the top spots on leaderboards because there are plenty of them for you to get stuck into. These six leaderboards have combined prizes of $6.5 million in January alone, making them potentially extremely profitable.
Daily $20,000 Hold’em and Omaha Leaderboards
Cash game players can win a share of $40,000 every single day across a pair of leaderboards. Both the Hold’em and Omaha cash game leaderboards pay out $20,000 to the biggest points earner of the day; that equates to a combined $1,240,000 per month!
Both the Hold’em and Omaha leaderboards are broken down into the various stakes GGPoker offers, making it a level playing field. You’ll only ever compete against opponents playing for the same stakes of you, giving you more chance to walk away with a prize.
All prizes are paid out in GGPoker’s new Cash Dollars (C$) currency, which can only be used at the site’s cash game tables.
StakesHold’em prize poolPaysOmaha prize poolPays

$10/$20 $6,150Up to 8 places 

$5/$10$7,250Up to 15 places$4,200Up to 10 places

$2/$5$3,810Up to 20 places$3,050Up to 20 places

$1/$2$2,980Up to 30 places$2,350Up to 25 places

$0.50/$1$1,995Up to 30 places$1,760Up to 30 places

$0.25/$0.50$1,510Up to 50 places$1,000Up to 50 places

$0.10/$0.25$1,246Up to 100 places$637.50Up to 50 places

$0.05/$0.10$665Up to 200 places$426.50Up to 100 places

$0.02/$0.05$339Up to 200 places$275Up to 200 places

$0.01/$0.02$169.50Up to 200 places$137.50Up to 200 places

Each Hold’em and Omaha cash game leaderboard runs from midnight to 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (GMT -8) and you earn one leaderboard point for every raked hand you play.
Putting the New GGPoker Flip & Go Tournaments Through Their Paces
$150,000 To Be Won In The Short Deck Leaderboard
Fans of Short Deck cash games can try and win a slice of the $150,000 that’s up for grabs each month at GGPoker. Like the Hold’em and Omaha leaderboards, the Short Deck prize pool is shared out across the game’s various stakes.
There are nine Short Deck Leaderboards in total, each paying out daily. Again, earn points for each raked hand you play, finish in the top spots for some hefty C$ prizes.
StakesPrize poolPays

$10$1,750Up to 3 places

$5$1,200Up to 10 places

$2$830Up to 20 places

$1$540Up to 20 places

$0.50$340Up to 20 places

$0.25$180Up to 20 places

$0.10$74Up to 30 places

$0.05$46Up to 30 places

$0.02$37Up to 30 places

We Entered GGPoker’s Softest Poker Tournament – This is What We Found
You Never Win a Share of $40,000 Faster Than This
Rush & Cash is the fastest way to play cash games at GGPoker. The fact there’s $40,000 worth of C$ prizes to be won daily means Rush & Cash is possibly the fastest way to boost your bankroll.
Fourteen Rush & Cash leaderboards run each day: seven for Hold’em and seven for Omaha. Rack up points by playing in raked hands and boost your points by snagging another 10 points if you win a pot where there is a cash drop.
StakesHold’em prize poolPaysOmaha prize poolPays

$1/$2$6,950Up to 25 places$7,100Up to 20 places

$0.50/$1$5,400Up to 40 places$4,180Up to 25 places

$0.25/$0.50$3,000Up to 40 places$3,690Up to 35 places

$0.10/$0.25$2,423.75Up to 100 places$2,435Up to 50 places

$0.05/$0.10$1,402.50Up to 100 places$1,377.50Up to 50 places

$0.02/$0.05$1,087.50Up to 200 places$929.50Up to 50 places

$0.01/$0.02$512Up to 200 places$453.25Up to 50 places

$20,000 Worth of Prizes Must Be Won By Spin & Gold Players
Spin & Gold are GGPoker’s take on jackpot sit & go tournaments and they can award some huge prizes. Those prizes are boosted by $20,000 worth of Spin & Gold tickets every single day!
The concept is a simple one. You earn Gold based on where you finish in the Spin & Go tournament you enter. The players with the most gold at the end of the day receive a slice of the daily $20,000 prize pool. You can then use the tickets won to climb the next day’s leaderboards and, hopefully, win again.
StakesDaily PrizePays

$100$7,500Up to 20 places

$50$5,100Up to 30 places

$20$2,850Up to 35 places

$10$1,720Up to 40 places

$5$930Up to 40 places

$3$895Up to 50 places

$1$768Up to 100 places

$0.25$427Up to 100 places

You earn Gold for your respective leaderboard for each Spin & Go tournament you play. More points are awarded for taking the tournament down so don’t just grind these games, bring your A-game to the table.









GGPoker Launch Daily $30,000 GGCare Flipouts; Bad Luck Has Its Rewards!
Grab a Free All-in Or Fold (AoF) Buy-in Every Day
The All-In Or Fold (AoF) isn’t a leaderboard as such but you can win a free buy-in every day! Getting your hands on the free buy-in is a simple affair because you just need to log 100 hands at these exciting, action-packed tables to be credited with a buy-in worth of C$ at the stakes you logged the qualifying hands.
Boost Your Points Tally During Happy Hour
GGPoker declares 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. Pacific Time (GMT -8) Happy Hours. Your usual points are multiplied by 1.5-times during these two hours with your points doubled if you’re playing Rush & Cash! Don’t miss these hours if you want to walk away with bags full of free points.
Chase Down The Leaderboards With a $600 Welcome Bonus
You’ll need a GGPoker account to be in with a chance of winning any of the leaderboards’ prizes. Download GGPoker via PokerNews to grab your lucrative 200 percent welcome bonus worth up to $600 on your first deposit.
The bonus releases into your account in $10 increments each time you earn 6,000 Fish Buffet Points, which is the equivalent of $60 in rake or tournament fees.
Good luck!

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